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Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
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Albums 2020 - Releases 2020

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Earth Year Tone - Aum Frequency 136,10 Hz

The sound of the Earth Year Tone (Aum Frequency) is the note c# 136,10 Hz. This is the 32nd octave of the earth year sound. This sound is also called Om or Aum Frequency and is a harmonizing and relaxing tone.
Angelic Quantum Frequency 333 Hz
Meditation music in the Angel Frequency 333 Hz. 3D binaural music for quantum healing. Listen with ear phones!
Blessings For Gaia

Healing Sounds for Gaia, our planet Earth, which connect and unify you with Gaia.
This music was being composed during the Corona Pandemic in 2020. Healing blessings for Mother Earth and all beings.
Composed in 3D binaural recording. Please, use earphones!

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Meditationsmusik - Meditation Music - Música meditativa

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